cinnamon rolls,/dinner rolls,

1/2 c. lukewarm water
2 tbsp of yeast2 eggs,
1/3 c. shortening,
1/2 c. sugar,
1 1/2 tsp. salt,
1 c. milk.
1/2 c. water.
5 1/2 c. flour

Put yeast and lukewarm water in small bowl and set aside to dissolve.

Beat eggs, shortening, sugar and salt together in large bowl.

Scald (bring to a boil) milk and 1/2 cup water and pour over egg mixture.

Add 3 cups flour and beat, add yeast, then the other 2 1/2 cups flour.

Mix together, pour onto countertop and knead, then "spank". Let rise until dough reaches top of bowl.
FOR DINNER ROLLS: Take 1/2 of dough from above. Roll into 3 inch balls and roll inward until dough is smooth. Dip each roll in melted butter and turn butter side up in baking pan greased with butter. Let rise. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.
CINNAMON ROLLS: Take other 1/2 of dough and roll out until fairly thin. Spread with melted butter. Top with 1/4 inch layer of brown sugar and a layer of cinnamon. Sprinkle with water. Roll this up and cut in 3/4 inch pieces and put in buttered pan, cut side up. Sprinkle lightly with water and let rise. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.


Carol said...

I'll have one please... do you deliver ?

PEI DANCER said...
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PEI DANCER said...

Yes I'm with Carol
I'll have a dozen of Rolls and a dozen of Cinnamon Rolls.PLEASE AUNTIE!!!! (HEHE)
Keep up the Great Work